Tuesday, June 30, 2015

List of stock photo agencies

I often get asked "do you know any good photo agencies."   I do have photos sold through Corbis and the Canadian Press to publications I would not normaly have as clients.  Most of my sold photos are of news related items, so the agencies I have success with aren't neccesairly the same ones as another photographer would have.

You need to research what are the specific needs of each photo agency, and find one that suits your style of photos.  Here is a helpful list of photo agencies.

photo marketing photo agency list

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Montreal Jazz Festival

The Montreal Jazz Festival, from 26th to July 5th 2015, with an array if free outdoor shows beside Place des Arts in downtown Montreal.

Montreal Jazz festival web site

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Justin Trudeau

I cover a lot of outdoor events, and I got this great shot of Justin Trudeau walking in the Pride parade held in Montreal. This photo is placed with Corbis.

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