Saturday, March 28, 2015

Future Shop

Future Shop no more.

Ste-Catherine street, Montreal

While having my first cup of coffee Saturday morning, there was a rumor circulating about Future Shop closing all their stores in Canada. I live in the country and the nearest Future Shop is an hours drive, but i do have photos in my stock collection of the sign outside Future Shop's store in Ste-Catherine street in downtown Montreal. By the time it took me to put together the short article and attach my photo, although still nothing confirmed from Future Shop, on the web there where photos of signs on front doors of closed stores indicating they would be re-opening on April 4th as Best Buy.

There an old saying" Today's front page is tomorrows fish & chip wrapper". Today in the time it took me to finish my cup of coffee a new item went from "rumored" to posted images of the closed stores across the country.  The speed of internet does spread news items like wildfire, forget about tomorrow.

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