Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dirty camera sensor

This is the result of a very dirty camera sensor;

I use Visibledust wet cleaning swabs to clean my camera sensors.  Suited for the removal of water based stains on your sensor. It provides an anti-static barrier for the prevention of dust accumulation, it has anti-fogging capabilities and prevents streaking as it cleans. If you intend to work in a humid or arid climate, Sensor Clean™ will provide a buffer against vapour build up and dust collection.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shooting wildlife photos

Shooting wildlife photos takes patience, waiting hours to get the shot you want.  That is why I love these little 3 foot stools. Compact, lightweight, and cheap, under $10.  I bring one with me on all my wetland shoots, along with my camera gear and monopod.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Bank of Canada lawsuit

The Bank of Canada vs COMER

The Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

The Bank of Canada  vs Comer (The Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform) , an interesting case where Comer want the Bank of  Canada to provide interest-free loans to federal, provincial and municipal governments, as  provided for in the Bank of Canada act.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Spring migration

Waiting for the geese to arrive.

Once the snow starts to leave, I wait impatiently for the arrival of the first geese of the season. This photo was shot last year on April 25th, so I still have a few days to wait to catch this years flock.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Future Shop

Future Shop no more.

Ste-Catherine street, Montreal

While having my first cup of coffee Saturday morning, there was a rumor circulating about Future Shop closing all their stores in Canada. I live in the country and the nearest Future Shop is an hours drive, but i do have photos in my stock collection of the sign outside Future Shop's store in Ste-Catherine street in downtown Montreal. By the time it took me to put together the short article and attach my photo, although still nothing confirmed from Future Shop, on the web there where photos of signs on front doors of closed stores indicating they would be re-opening on April 4th as Best Buy.

There an old saying" Today's front page is tomorrows fish & chip wrapper". Today in the time it took me to finish my cup of coffee a new item went from "rumored" to posted images of the closed stores across the country.  The speed of internet does spread news items like wildfire, forget about tomorrow.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to sell stock photos

I am often asked by aspiring photographers how to go about selling their images as stock? There is a great book available and how to shoot and sell stock by Michal Heron, well worth a read and packed with good info.
 This book equips you with all you need to know to create digital stock photos that sell in today’s marketplace. From organizing a shoot to raking in the profits as the pictures sell and sell and sell again, all the steps are here: Capturing digital images, working with scans, digital delivery of images, evaluating equipment, organizing digital files, building an archive, and more. Thirty assignments, designed to reflect the latest trends in photography, provide readers with a blueprint for building a stock collection. Special sections explain how to market, negotiate and quote prices, and manage a business, plus obtaining model releases and protecting copyright.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beaver lodge

Wetlands may seem dormant in the winter, but under the snow and ice beavers are present.

Beaver lodge

Beavers used sticks to build their lodge and mud for insulation and waterproofing.   Beavers don't hibernate, but are less active in the winter, lowering their metabolism by spending most of their time resting in their lodge.  They do prepare a cache of sticks to eat all winter.