Sunday, November 20, 2016

shooting sports

Shooting sports, tips from the pros.

A great article by Jin Colton posted on the National Press Photographers or NPPA web site. Number 5 and 6 are especially important.  It is not always possible to keep the background c.utter free, so I usually shoot a a wide arperture such as f5.6 or f4.  

Shooting sports, Tips from the pros

The above photo is a shot of Greg Van Avermaet won the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic games. I took this photo of him as he headed to the start line at the Grand Prix Cycliste held in Montreal.  Shooting at a large aperture helps blur the clutter in the background,

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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Photo editing programs

A list of 148 photo editing tools and apps. I personally use GIMP and my workflow contains Photo
 Mechanics, DX0 and Canon DPP.

Here is the list from Peta Pixa.

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