Monday, September 18, 2017

7 reasons to choose photography as a carrer

This is a post written by Rachel Stinson,

Work when you want to may be possible if you do only studio work, but it is far from my case, as I often get to work on a lot of Saturday's and. Sunday's. Choosing photography as a career won't be easy, but with a lot of passion it is possible,


Photography is a career option that is selected by many people. It is an art that is followed by people, and they can develop and define it into their career. Photography is a hobby for many, but when a hobby takes the shape of a career; It becomes pleasant to the person. A career in photography can be very encouraging for people who are inspired to follow their dreams. Here are seven reasons to choose photography as a career:

Work When You Want - You are your boss! Do you want some time off? Do you need to spend more time with your family? Of course, go ahead. Who’s going to tell you otherwise? How great is that? You have complete control of your time.

Photography Will Take You To Places - Whether you are a destination photographer or a landscape photographer, photography will take you places you've never been to. It brings business traveling to a new level. Instead of corporate meetings, you’ll be photographing moments.

You Get To Go To Photography Conferences - Unlike corporate conferences; photography conferences are full of fun! No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to find one that interests you the most. What's great about photography conference is that you do not only learn from your colleagues but also create a network with other photographers. You never know when you will need someone to cover for you, or when they’ll need someone covering them.

Clients Will Buy Into Your Vision - Your clients will be more than happy to allow you express your personality with hidden nanny cam. The reason they chose you over your competition is to share your sense of style and vision. Don’t change who you are and be faithful to yourself. This leads you to the next point.

You Get To Keep Learning - Like any industry, photography continues to evolve. There is always new gear coming out, new lighting techniques to learn, more editing tricks for you to learn – this can go on and on. Learning something new keeps you interested in what you are doing. You don’t have stay in one place.

Every Day Is Different – No two days are alike in photography. One day you will be able to drink champagne with the bride and groom, and the next day you will be editing. Even if you have two weddings in one weekend, those two events will not be the same. You get to be at different places, see different faces and experience something different every time.

Money – This is placed last because it’s not the reason photographers go into photography, no one wants to starve. While some photographers may not agree, most others will tell you that there is money to be made in the industry. You get to set the price and handle all your bookings.
People who have great success in the field of photography are trendsetters. Keep a record of the successful professional photographers so you can get inspiration from their lives. Some successful photographers have earned a lot of respect and money in this field. So, people with a creative mind and love to capture the images behind the lenses can pursue photography as a career. What else do you want? The time is now to pick up your pen camera and make some money!  Photography is excellent.

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Monday, September 04, 2017

Editing photos

 Editing your photos, which ones are the winners?

After your photo shoot, you will want to go through your images and only keep the good ones, deleting the out of focus or under or overexposed shots.

I want my images to be sharp and properly exposed, but often I will see a photo used somewhere, that resembles a shot I had, but deleted.  It is hard to foretell which images will sell, I am not saying to only shoot out of focus or badly exposed images, but it is sometimes surprising which of your photos will interest buyers.  I have sold more photos of dead trees for articles on environment, disease, climate change and ect, than photos of beautiful  healthy colorful ones.

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Friday, September 01, 2017

Gabriel Drolet-Maguire's fashion show

Gabriel Drolet-Maguire Sorry Mom fashion show held during the Fashion and Design Festival in Montreal.

Earth, Water, a mysterious concept; Sorry Mom
This world is mine; Water destroys
These stains are mine; Water purifies
This emptiness; Water fills it

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